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Ultrasound patient positioning and localization

Accurate patient positioning and dose targeting is essential to the delivery of quality care, particularly for IMRT cases. I-Beam combines ultrasound and CT imaging in the treatment room to confirm the location of patient anatomy, along with real-time 3D image reconstruction and comparison tools and integrated couch-shift capabilities, to ensure proper patient alignment and precise dose targeting.


I-Beam overview at a glance

Innovative localization and patient positioning tools

With I-Beamís innovative localization and patient positioning tools, clinicians can easily implement image guidance into their existing clinical workflow. Rapid image acquisition and analysis along with fully integrated couch-shift functionality ensures that IGRT can be utilized in any clinical environment.

Advanced anatomy localization tools

Ensure accurate and reliable image targeting with the most advanced anatomy localization tools. I-Beamís unique Coordinate Positioning System technology supports the verification of tumor location and patient shifts to within 2mm. Daily or weekly review of reporting packages including shift details, setup notes, blended verification images and other useful data, can aid in the review process and enable clinicians to identify and address sources of treatment error.

Implement image guidance without impacting clinical workflow

Implement image guidance quickly and easily with an integrated hardware solution and powerful software automation tools. A unique 3D positioning technology featuring an integrated camera and freehand probe quickly captures ultrasound images. I-Beamís automatic multi-image capture, interactive image displays and isocenter alignment allow image guidance to be implemented without impacting clinical workflow.

Mobile system increases clinical flexibility

Maximize resource flexibility and utilization with a mobile system that can be shared among multiple treatment rooms. I-Beamís integrated localization and positioning tools are housed in a self-contained mobile cart not requiring permanent hardware mounting or fixed positioning, making I-Beam an efficient, cost-effective solution for facilities with multiple delivery devices.


I-Beam features at a glance

Image Guidance

With I-Beamís image guidance tools, it's easy to make the plan adjustments needed to achieve day-to-day setup reproducibility.
  • DICOM Import of images, structures, and plan data
  • Coordinate Positioning System technology
  • Portable, self-contained unit can be used in any treatment or simulation room
  • Multiple start/stop capture options
  • Patient positioning to +/- 2 mm
  • Guided couch shifts/translation

Display features

Real-time 3D image volume capture and display gives clear representation of the current treatment location.
  • Customizable ultrasound depth-of-field configuration capability
  • Interactive 3D display
  • 3D volume capture
  • Real-time viewing of patient shifts
  • Blending of treatment and planning images (pre and post alignment images)
  • Interactive display of 2D and 3D isocenter referenced to the ultrasound image
  • 2D and 3D display of contoured objects with current ultrasound image
  • User adjustable window/level

Physician review

Increase efficiency and throughput with local or remote physician review.
  • Review past imaging and aligning studies, including 3D ultrasound volume
  • Generate daily and weekly reports and treatment summaries
  • Blending tools support both treatment and planning images